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Creative Ideas

Much of our recent work has been on 'One Page' websites. One Page websites involve all the content of a conventional website but different sections are viewed by moving up and down the page (as is the case in this website), around a larger space (such as the Blow website). Or by loading new content into the existing space using a technology known as AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And XML). The beauty of this sort of design that it is more efficient (only load content such as headers once) and doesn't break the flow of the site reloading entire pages each time you click a link.

Clean Code

Clean code is particularly important to Byteserve. We understand that a website is an ongoing dynamic entity that constantly changes. Coming from a traditional structured C programming background the rule was '2 lines of comment for 1 line of code'. Whereas we don't strictly enforce that particular rule all our source code must be comprehensively documented and fine tuned for both efficiency and future use.

Unique Designs

We approach the look and feel of a website in a number of different ways. If the brand is already established we look at how we can incorporate a cohesive feel into the website. Blow Communications is a prime example. The Red Ribbon ran throughout their office. We designed the website to follow a red ribbon throughout a 3 dimensional space with information at salient points. Alternatively, our design team can offer options for the entire branding of the business, from logos, letterheads, business cards and the website.

Creative Team

Our team consists of a core of developers and visual creatives with combined experience of over 100 years. But Byteserve is a collaborative effort and when unique talents are required we rely on our years of experience and contacts within the industry to procure the right resource for your task. Recently we worked on The Voice Australia and that called for skills in Adobe CQ (now AEM). Through our contacts we engaged two developers skilled in Day Communique (the precursor to CQ) and three Java specialists to customise the CQ environment and make it do things it has never done before.

Whatever your requirements, our broad understanding of the digital industry and wide ranging contacts and partnerships mean we can put together a solution that is right for you.

What we do?

Our Services

Flexibility built in

Byteserve is a core of creative professionals and developers with wide ranging experience and contacts in the digital industry. This allows us the flexibility to put together a team to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Website design

Website design and production is the bread and butter of our business. From $500 simple static sites to multi-$100K projects like the Voice Australia. No project is too big or too small.

Logo design

The first step in creating a brand is the logo. Our designers assess your business and market to come up with logo ideas that can be used for everything from signage, corporate staionery and of course your website.


Byteserve can provide comprehensive digital marketing strategies, be it readying your products and services for the online world, email campaigns to integrated social media marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

There are quite a few 'under the bonnet' tricks to optimise a site for indexing in a search engine. We design and develop for the ground up with this in mind and our sites rank highly on the SEO checklists.

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