Kayell Australia's Rental System

Our latest masterpiece is Kayell Australia's Rental System. This sub site of the Kayell Australia website uses a shopping cart type interface to combine products and request a rental period.


Don't we all crave it? Well, not when we get the electricity bill. Byte Services electricity bill is quite high. To quote Douglas Adams, "More than the GDP of a small african nation but not quite as much as Pink Floyd spend on a concert".

FileMaker Hosting

Byte Services has been hosting internet solutions with FileMaker backends for over a decade.

Witango's new home

Witango was recently acquired by Tronics Software LLC. After a period of development stagnation we look forward to renewed development of the product that has been the backbone of Byte Services for over a decade.

Centameter (not a spelling error)

In a recently bid to reign in expenditure, brought about by a ridiculously large electricity bill, I discovered this product. Centameter is a device that clips on to the main

The Ice Berg Principle

Websites are a bit like ice bergs. What we see on top is nothing compared to what's underneath.


WhistleBlower is an extremely clever application that we rely on at Byte Services to watch servers, restore crashed servers, and notify us if there is a

Add e-Commerce to your website

Last month we featured the system that allows you to take control of your website,

DIY website

Over the last few months we have been publishing news stories, both on our website

Beware Of Geeks Bearing Gifts

Let's face it the internet is a wild and woolly place.

News List


Add e-Commerce to your website

Last month we featured the system that allows you to take control of your website, iUpdate. This month we are featuring iSELLit, a system that utilises iUpdate but takes the idea so much further that is more than an iUpdate module. It is a product in it's own right.

ISELLit is a customisable e-Commerce system designed by Byte Services. The basic iSELLit system is for web sites with a small number of products that seldom change. iSELLit uses iUpdate modules to allow the web site owner to track orders, alter prices and freight charges.

Examples of the basic iSELLit system are:

Pacific Princess


Merchandise for the 'Tour Of Duty' concert in East Timor


iSELLit Plus is for merchants that have many products in multiple categories that change frequently. iSELLit Plus allows the web site owner to do all of the above plus it allows the web site owner add, edit, and delete products in multiple levels of categorisation. It also provides the customer with the ability to navigate through the site via menus or using a keywork search.

Examples of iSELLit Plus:

Charity Wine Shop

(Select a charity)

iSELLit can for the basis of a new website or be added to an existing site. For more information on an iSELLit system for your business contact iSELLit@byteserve.com.au