Kayell Australia's Rental System

Our latest masterpiece is Kayell Australia's Rental System. This sub site of the Kayell Australia website uses a shopping cart type interface to combine products and request a rental period.


Don't we all crave it? Well, not when we get the electricity bill. Byte Services electricity bill is quite high. To quote Douglas Adams, "More than the GDP of a small african nation but not quite as much as Pink Floyd spend on a concert".

FileMaker Hosting

Byte Services has been hosting internet solutions with FileMaker backends for over a decade.

Witango's new home

Witango was recently acquired by Tronics Software LLC. After a period of development stagnation we look forward to renewed development of the product that has been the backbone of Byte Services for over a decade.

Centameter (not a spelling error)

In a recently bid to reign in expenditure, brought about by a ridiculously large electricity bill, I discovered this product. Centameter is a device that clips on to the main

The Ice Berg Principle

Websites are a bit like ice bergs. What we see on top is nothing compared to what's underneath.


WhistleBlower is an extremely clever application that we rely on at Byte Services to watch servers, restore crashed servers, and notify us if there is a

Add e-Commerce to your website

Last month we featured the system that allows you to take control of your website,

DIY website

Over the last few months we have been publishing news stories, both on our website

Beware Of Geeks Bearing Gifts

Let's face it the internet is a wild and woolly place.

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Beware Of Geeks Bearing Gifts

Let's face it the internet is a wild and woolly place. Not a day goes by when I don't receive an offer to 'Get rich quick' (If I was rich I would be sipping Pina Coladas on an island resort, not sending out annoying e-mails), 'Free Porn' (yeah, we just need your credit card number to verify your age, honest!), or one of those silly cameras you can use to spy on your housemate who's busy sending spam e-mails, giving your credit card number to porn sites and ordering useless surveilance items.

But it doesn't end online. I have had a flood of queries recently from customers about invoices for domain registration or renewal received from quite official sounding companies warning them to renew their domain name before it expires and is spirited away by your competitor. Now I don't know about you, but I have never before heard of a marketing strategy that involves cold calling with an invoice. Ten out of ten for chutzpah, minus several million for business ethics.

Internet Names Australia, Internet Name Group, Internet Registrations Australia (who haven't even registered IRA.COM.AU. I wonder why not?). They all sound the same don't they. I wonder why they don't come up with something more original. I hear the name 'Buzzle' is going cheap. :)

And then there's the prices. I've seen some ask for $220 for two years. That's just information superhighway robbery. The cost of renewing a '.com.au' registration for two years is $125 + GST ($137.50). If you are an authorised reseller you get a small cut ($25 I believe).

And you'll get a free '.biz' domain! Or '.info'. Seriously, how many '.biz' or '.info' domains come to mind? Ok, so it's new, but how many '.au.com' domains come to mind either and they've been floggin them for years? Or '.tv', remember them? Mind you, people talked this way about the internet only a few years ago. To quote Homer Simpson: "The internet! Is that thing still around?".

Don't fall victim to the cyber charlatans. Be assured, if you registered your domain with Byte Services we will notify you in a timely fashion when your domain is up for renewal and, with your permission, renew your registration for cost price (currently $137.50).

On second thoughts I think I might register the high level domain '.CON'. At least that is more honest. Expect a registration form soon :).

Wayne Irvine